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LIE; n.
A falsehood uttered or acted for the purpose of deception;
an intentional violation of truth; an untruth spoken with the intention to deceive.
A fiction; a fable; an untruth.

LIAR; n.
A person who knowingly utters falsehood;
one who lies.

(Webster’s 1913 dictionary)

It’s unfortunate that today in America many candidates resort to lying about their opponent in order to scare voters out of voting for them. Instead of telling voters why they should vote for them, they spend time and money to twist the truth and confuse the minds of voters.

In the case of Washington’s 4th Congressional race, Dan Newhouse has decided to turn to “negative” attack advertising because he came in behind Clint in the Primary and remains down in the polls. The tactic of choice for trailing candidates late in campaigns is to give their opponent little time, if any, to respond to outlandish accusations and outright lies.

So, we devised the “TRUTH” button for those who see these attack ads on TV, radio or in print. As Paul Harvey used to say: “And now you know the rest of the story!”

In Newhouse paid TV and Radio ads that began airing on Tuesday, September 30th, Dan’s ad (in a narrator’s voice) claims the following:

LIE #1: “Clint Didier wants to phase out social security.”

As with most lies, liars always find a shred of truth to twist and manipulate. In this case, Newhouse’s inference is that Clint wants to stop social security and keep those currently eligible recipients from getting their checks. The intent of course, is to scare seniors and those dependent on the system into “not” voting for Clint. DON’T BUY IT! And Dan Newhouse knows better!

TRUTH: Here is Clint’s official stance (and what he’s said)

“First and foremost, we have an obligation to those who have paid into and are dependent upon Social Security to see to it that they receive this guarantee that they’ve earned for as long as they live, or their dependents under the current rules. It is a sacred trust that must be honored.

What I would be willing to look at - down the road - is a date by which those coming into the workforce (young people not there now) would be required to pay into their own private social security savings account – tax free in – tax free out. It would be theirs and could not be touched by the federal government.”

LIE #2 “Didier doesn’t think the VA should provide health care.”

TRUTH: Here is Clint’s official stance and what he’s said at forums throughout the district:
"As for the VA, I have proposed tearing down the VA bureaucracy and issuing vouchers to our vets so that they can go out into their communities and see the doctors and hospitals of their choice. No government wait, no government hassle.

The VA is broken (as are most things done by the federal government) and, as we’ve seen in the news, is not serving our veterans as they deserve. We can do better. The VA employs some 432,000 employees at thousands of hospitals across America. Let’s simplify it and send them to the same hospitals and doctor’s offices around the corner where they live.

There is no candidate that loves and appreciates the sacrifices of our men and women in the military more than I. I often think of how I was able to play in the NFL while so many young people
stood guard. I owe them a debt. Every veteran I’ve met will tell you how much I do honor them."

LIE #3: “Didier doesn’t think Medicare should provide health care.”

TRUTH: Here is what Clint has is saying at forums throughout the district:

“Well, the truth is that Medicare DOESN’T provide any health care. Medicare is system of taxpayer-subsidized insurance plans for seniors and some children and disabled people. All of the insurance companies participating in the system are FOR-profit companies, like United Healthcare. They make a lot of money on their Medicare policies and have virtual monopolies on those government contracts.

It’s private doctors and hospitals who actually provide the medical care under the Medicare program – and they are paid by the insurance companies.

If you don’t like your Medicare insurance, you are stuck with it. You can’t get another insurance policy because the government ruined the free market for insurance for seniors. What I want to do is find ways to allow people to buy private insurance instead of taxpayer-funded insurance if they choose to do so. But in the meantime, it’s important to understand that your health care under Medicare or otherwise will not stop.”


The establishment cronyism and corruption by the corporate elites is behind these assaults by the Newhouse campaign. They will go to any length to keep voters in the dark and to maintain their control. They don’t want you to see the house of cards that exists today in virtually every federal program and other federal agencies. Instead, they use outright lies to scare voters into not voting for candidates who warn of impending disaster or who offer solutions that eliminate the cronies from running the show. Don’t let them steal your vote!


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